Frequently Asked Questions

General Leasing Questions

Can additional furniture be brought into the apartment?
You may bring additional furniture into your apartment, but the furniture that is already there must remain in the apartment.
Can I pay my bill with a credit card? Is there an extra charge?
Current residents can pay any bill with credit (VISA, MasterCard & Discover), cash, check or money order. There are convenience fees associated with online payments - a $1.50 fee for eChecks and a percentage fee for credit cards.
Can I request an apartment or roommates?
Yes. You will fill out a Roommate/Apartment Preference Card when you sign your license agreement. You may request whatever you wish, just keep in mind that requests are NOT a guarantee of placement.
Do I have a meal plan?
No, you do not have to have a meal plan while living at University Park. If you decide to purchase a meal plan, we encourage you to opt for one of the Commuter Meal Plans or one with Dining Dollars.
Do I need to bring my own utensils and bedding?
Yes! Some suggested items to bring with you: Flat ware and drink ware (plates, bowls, cups, etc.), Kitchen utensils and silverware, Cookware, Bathroom rug, shower curtain, towels, etc., Bed sheets/comforter/mattress pad, Curtains and tension/spring rods (mini-blinds already installed), Decorations (posters, picture frames, etc.).
Can I use my financial aid?
Yes! You can use your financial aid to cover your rent at University Park. It is your responsibility to submit rent payments to us on time regardless of whether or not you have received your loan check. Please be prepared to pay 1-2 rent installments "out of pocket."
How are rooms assigned?

Residents who already have preferred roommates can request them on the Roommate Matching Card as part of the application when they apply. Residents can also send a web request through our website to request a roommate. In the event that potential roommates discover that they are no longer compatible, they can request a different roommate by submitting a web request on our website, and we will do our best to accommodate any change request. All requests will be considered but are not guaranteed. To provide sufficient time and the greatest opportunity for residents to find the perfect roommate, they should apply and sign a lease as early as possible.


How close to campus are you?
University Park is conveniently located on the east end of campus.
How do I obtain a temporary parking permit?
If your car is in the shop or you switched vehicles temporarily, stop by the business office Monday - Friday between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. You MUST have proof that the vehicle is not in your possession (i.e. auto shop receipt, work order.)
How does the waitlist work?
Once we fill all of our bedrooms on property, we start a wait list. Anyone who submits an application is added to the wait list for the floor plan of his/her choice and will then be contacted by the leasing office if there have been enough cancellations to write a license agreement.
How many people live there?
We have 252 units and approximately 900 beds.
If I am over 21 do I need a guarantor?
Yes. All leases are required to have a guarantor. If an approved guarantor cannot be obtained, EdR Management, Inc. will accept a security deposit equal to the full amount of the lease.
If I pay in full, do I get a discount?
University Park Salisbury does not offer discounts for rent paid in full. However, prepayment gives you the peace of mind knowing that your account is in good standing at all times!
Is parking available?
We have ample free parking for you and for your friends who want to come over and hang out with you. All lot parking is free and is first come, first serve. For those who like a little more coverage or the assurance of a reserved spot, you can rent a carport for $25 per month.
What do I need to hook up my computer to the internet?

All UP buildings have wired and wireless connections for internet. If you choose to use the wired service, you will need an Ethernet card and cord.

What if I need to cancel my license agreement?
If you need to cancel your contract, the first step would be to contact the leasing office and complete a Withdrawal Form. The student withdrawaling from his/her contract is responsible for finding a replacement tenant. If there's a wait list, we will be able to assit with this process. A $200.00 re-assignment fee applies.
What is the cost?
Rates are according to floor plan and range from $630.00 - $750.00. We also have a one-time Facilities & Maintenance Fee of $200.00 which is due with the return of a signed license agreement. 
What size are the beds?
In the 4x2 units, the beds are twin XL (39" x 80"). In the 4x4, 2x2 and 2x1 units, the beds are full size (53" X 80").
What types of leases are available?
University Park offers 12 installment contracts starting in the fall semester, and 5 and 7 installment contracts starting in the spring semester. Please be advised that 5 installment contracts are only available to a small percentage of our tenants. The majority of our residents are in a license agreement through July.
What utilities are included in my monthly installment?
Electricity and gas (with a cap), cable with HBO, internet access, water/sewer/trash and property parking.
When can I move in?
Move-In for new fall residents is mid-late August and early January for spring residents. 
When do I put down a deposit?
There is an $200 non-refundable service fee and a $35 application fee due at the time of lease signing and application, respectively. In addition, your first month’s payment is due on or before July 15, 2017 to guarantee your bedroom.
When is my first payment due?
The first payment for all new fall residents is July 15th and January 1st for all new spring residents.
Where can I store my bike?
There are bike racks located on the 1st floor of every apartment building. Please stop by the business office to pick up a bike permit. Don't forget to bring a lock.
Will you send me a bill for each installment?
We do not send any invoices, but for your convenience, you can use our online resident portal to check your balance at any time. Payment is due on the 1st of every month excluding the initial payment (due July 15th, as stated in license). Late fees are charged after 10:00 AM on the 3rd day of the month.

Renewal Questions

Can I request different roommates?
We want you to be comfortable here, and we will do everything we can to accommodate your roommate requests.
What is a "renewal?"

Are you loving it here and can't imagine leaving at the end of your lease? By signing a renewal, you get to extend your stay at your community!

If I renew, do I have to move out then move back in?
When you renew and choose to stay in your current spot, no moving is required!
If I renew, will my guarantor have to sign again?
No. Your guarantor doesn't have to do anything extra!
I'm graduating in December, can I still renew?
Contact the office for details on the options available to you.
I just moved in, is it too early to renew?
Renewing now will provide the most benefit to you. By signing early, you will secure your space for next year and take advantage of the best pricing available.
How do I renew?

We know how busy you are, so we have made the process as quick and easy as possible. Renewing is a easy as "1,2,3!" Just following these steps:

1. Open your renewal email from us.
2. Review the terms, and click "Accept"
3. Follow the prompts to sign the new lease agreement.

It's that easy!

When do I start paying the new rent amount?
On the first day of your new lease.

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